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To the fearless,

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To the fearless,

The people that dive into the now without thinking, “What would they say? Do I look silly? The way I’m being stared at, I’m not sure. Stop this. Now.”

To the ones who would rather be torn apart by stallions than have their personalities quelled by strangers or worse, the ones they call family,

There’s not many like you, you know,

Big up.

It’s so easy to walk away from a social situation thinking; “Well that was a complete failure.”

But the fact of the matter is, your energy may just be for a select few.

And that is okay.

Once you understand that you are delicately and intricately crafted and only the people who appreciate your design can eat your fruit,

You will be gracious to those who are yet to learn and wish them knowledge in abundance.

It is grand that you want to observe before attaching yourself,

Give yourself time to adjust to unfamiliar territory, dissect your options, mull them over like you’re chewing a piece of meat.

You know what you want, you are aware that you were not loved and nurtured blindly for 9 months only for you to allow society to mold eba into your story, knowing fully well that pounded yam is a possibility.

Let me also just add that it is bloody fantastic that you have decided to reject the confines of social standards, and awkward pleasantries and asking yourself, “What should I do today that will elevate me in front of these beings?”,

And rather, gravitate towards genuine happiness and freedom wherever that may be, and whoever that may be with.

There’s not many like you, you know,

Who shrug off normal, conventional, basic, as easily as a coat in the heat,

Who wear their individuality like a string of petals around their necks in autumn, on their heads in the summer, and twirling around them all seasons in between.

When you pick a destination, the first thing you think isn’t, “Do I know anyone going?”, but rather, “What can I learn from the people that will be there?”.

You remain rooted in what you believe, and frustrate people with that twinkle in your eye, because you know something they don’t;


Do you not know that you are the reason that people celebrate?

Do you not realise that there is inspiration, magic and a thousand lessons rolled into each hair on your head?

God has not given you or I the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

To the fearless,

The carefully careless,

There are not many like you, you know,

Big up.


Biochemistry student pursuing individuality, hopefully never to the point of isolation. I exercise my vocal chords often, dance, dabble in food, languages and literature, occasionally. Motto: Dismantle patriarchy.


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